Costume Ready for 2015

We started 2015 with a brand new look. After working on this outfit for the past four weeks, we finally finished it. It is amazing how you think it will take you a certain amount of time to get it done and then it takes you three times as long. Now that it is done, we will use it for the entire 2015. This past weekend, we already used it for Nashville Starz as our first competition in the new year.



Mario and Andreana at Nashville Starz 2015

On January 24, 2015, Mario and Andreana Spilger competed at Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular. They danced in the Open Pro/Am International Latin taking first place in the Championship event and second in the Scholarship.


Original Old Man Dancing: Must Watch

This old gentleman is unbelievably rhythmical. It is so funny to watch him!

Cool Cha Cha Song – CHOC QUIB TOWN Pescao envenenao

This is a really cool Cha-Cha that makes you want to get up and dance.

Flash Mob at the University Park Mall

Video of Flash Mob, West Coast Swing Dance, done at the University Park Mall, Mishawaka, Indiana.

Beginning Night Club 2 Step

Kathy Nate teaching Night Club 2 Step for Simply Swing Dance.



Can’t Find the Beat? Learn How to Play Music

Many dancers have a hard time finding the beat so they are not dancing with the music. The best way to learn how to find the beat is to learn how to play the rhythm. The following video shows you how to play Cha Cha rhythm on a conga. It looks very difficult, but it is not. You don’t have to buy a conga. You can use a pencil or just tap the beat with your hand. If you can play the rhythm, you will be able to count it. Just like when you learn how to write, you automatically know how to read. The first two minutes of the video are the most useful.