Trinity School Ballroom Dance Routine

Every year, Kathy Nate teaches ballroom dancing at Trinity School in South Bend. The following is a salsa routine that the students performed in front of a crowd. This video is about five years old and all of the dancers are finished with college.

Notre Dame Ballroom Team Working on Getting Their Energy Up and Having a Blast

We had the team do a drill to work on being expressive when hitting picture lines. They had fun working off of each other’s energy each time they faced each other.

Make Your Own Men’s Ballroom Dance Pants

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing a new set of DVDs about how to make Men’s Ballroom Dance Pants. This collection has four DVDs.

In the first DVD, you will learn how to make a pattern after taking detailed measurements. In the second DVD, you will learn how to make a muslin mock-up as a trial before using the final fabric. In the third and fourth DVDs, you will learn how to make the pants using the pattern that was tested by the muslin mock-up.

Making your own pants allows you to create the perfect fit and to be creative with different types of fabric and different styles!

Preview of DVD 1

Preview of DVD 3 and 4

International Dance Show February 13

On Friday, February 13, we will be attending an International Dance Show. Come and join us. Get the tickets from Dancehipology. The event starts at 8 pm and goes until 10:30 pm. There will be open dancing and performance by Michele Prioletti and Julia Polai from Austria. Here is the couple in action.

Notre Dame Ballroom Team Did Great at ValpoComp 2015

On February 8, 2015, our Notre Dame Ballroom Team attended ValpoComp 2015. Here are some few highlights.

Scott and Jessica made the finals in the newcomer International Cha Cha and Jive.

Taksit and Arielle made finals in every dance. What amazed us the most is their Jive. Arielle had unbelievable energy.

Dillon and Savannah made it to the semi finals.

Notre Dame Ballroom Team Preparing for ValpoComp 2015

Every February, the Notre Dame Ballroom Team attends ValpoComp at Valparaiso University. It is a great comp to begin the Winter season with. This is a video from the club’s practice session right before the event.

Cha Cha Cha Timing is Wrong – Dance Tip

We cannot tell you how many times, we heard advanced dancers count cha cha the wrong way. As a result of the improper counting, they are not precise with their feet. It doesn’t have to be like this. All you need is understand the timing and count it as such.

Weichuan Getting Ready for Indiana Challenge 2015 – Cha Cha

Weichuan started ballroom dancing as a student on the University of Notre Dame Ballroom Team. Within a year, she became of of the top dancers on the team.


The February Issue of Michiana Dance Newsletter is Released

If you subscribed to our newsletter, you already received the full issue in your inbox.

In the February 2015 issue of the Michiana Dance Newsletter, we have lot of exciting news to share with you. First, we are reopening the studio in the downtown Mishawaka location. Second, we have a dance tip for you. Third, we came back from the Nashville Starz Dance Competition. And fourth, we performed a show.

Mario and Mary at Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular 2015

Nashville Starz Dance Spectacular was our first competition in 2015. We took fourth place in the Rising Star Latin. This was also the first time we used our new costume that we will be using for the remainder of the year.

Both pictures are us dancing Rumba.